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Financial Aid for Radiology Technician Students

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The radiology technician field is truly exploding, at least as far as career opportunities. That’s a fairly rare thing to hear in this day and age. If anything, more industries are downsizing, growing smaller as they try to cope with harsh economic realities. But not radiology. Radiology is becoming more and more commonplace, expanding out of hospitals and making its way into independent imaging centers and even private practices. And where there are radiological machines, there must be radiology technicians.

Not just anyone can find work as a radiology technician, of course. Education is an absolute must. You’ll need to take some specialized classes, which are, thankfully, fairly easy to come by. There are radiology technician classes available around the country, as well as a lot of online offerings. After you get your training, you’ll need to be licensed and certified.

As for what kind of degree you need, the minimum that most employers require is an Associates degree. This typically involved two years of study; you’ll find Associates programs at a lot of community colleges. A four-year Bachelor’s degree is also an option; this, of course, is a much bigger commitment, but it could pay off down the line, as a four-year degree can land you a better, higher-salaried position.

The problem with all of this is that it requires an investment on the front end. Regardless of how good the job prospects are, or how high your salary might one day be, your education is going to cost you money now. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for you to temper your tuition costs with financial aid.

Your first step in pursuing financial aid for radiology technician schools should be to investigate government grant options. The government grants money to many students who are embarking on medical training, and the radiology technician field is no exception. The great thing about a grant is that, as the name implies, it is a gift; you do not have to pay it back at any point.

In addition to grants, you should also look into scholarships. These are offered by the schools themselves, not by the government, but the principle is much the same; a scholarship does not have to be paid back. Do a quick search of the schools you’re looking at and reach out to the admissions counselors. They can instruct you on whatever financial aid options are available. In addition, the American Association of Radiology Technicians offers some scholarships; contact them for the specifics.

Finding financial aid is actually not too difficult, simply because it is understood how vital this field is. Qualified radiology technicians are in great demand, which means that opportunity abounds. Think about pursuing this field, and you may well find yourself with career stability and long-term security.

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