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In order to become a radiology technician, one needs to have an education in radiology that is more formal in nature; this is one medical profession in which on the job training is not a not an option. One can receive a complete and comprehensive education at a community college, university, technical school, community college, hospital or through an online university. Having a degree enables one to take a state licensing examination which is required for practicing as a radiology technician in most states. Both two-year and four-year degrees are granted with two-year degrees being the more popular one of the two.

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Radiology technicians can also receive certificates from accredited institutions but these typically require less of a time commitment and are geared for those who are already trained and working in the medical field and perhaps looking for a career change. Any of these programs will offer hands-on training so that students know how to use and maintain the relevant equipment and learn how to deal with patients.

The type of education pursued is a matter of personal choice. One needs to take into account personal needs as well as daily obligations so that one can take full advantage of the education for which they signed up.

One option that is becoming more popular these days with people's busy schedules is online training. Although such programs do not require students to attend formal classes, they do require that some on-site clinical training be done at a medical facility to get the hands-on experience that is required of the profession. These programs are just as comprehensive as those given at a brick-and-mortar campus and enable students to master the same material but with added flexibility and convenience.